Search for investment candidates in Russia and Ukraine that fit investment profiles, tel +7-916-126-91-82 GMT+3
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Private Equity in Russia & Ukraine: Direct Investment
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Considering investment opportunities in Russia and Ukraine? Dont want to overpay? Do not want to reveal your intentions to the industry? Want to avoid the noise? This offer gives you the best value for your money.

Anatoly POLYAKOV has been in search for investment candidates for Western banks, investment funds and private equity companies since 2004. He is your contact in Russia to assist you with your initial target search, target investigation, target negotiations, supports your effort in due diligence, deal structure, deal transaction and post deal management. You dont have to learn the intricacies of Russian language, business culture and local customs, Anatoly will guide you through them.

Compared to investment banks Anatoly POLYAKOV is much more flexible and able to move faster, on a short notice, without any noise by using the following skill and knowledge of Russia and Ukraine:
-personal contacts in Russia and Ukraine business sector;
-strong analytical skills allowing to quickly pre-screen the potential target companies based on the investors requirements;
- strong communication and negotiation skills developed over long years in international relations;
- ability to deliver daily research reports in English on phone, skype or email;
- confidentiality of the search as the number of persons in the know is limited to 1 (one) consultant compared to dozens at an investment bank;
- unlike investment banks no bias, competition or conflict of interest.

Depending on the investment profile requirements of his clients, the searches can take as little as half a day or can be continuous and ongoing projects aimed at:
- Initial Target Search: he reviews his sources and identifies a number of companies in the industry that might be a fit and shortlists them with the buyer in order to reduce the noise and time required to find the right target to acquire.
- Target Investigation: he uses his database and contacts the local authorities, if necessary, to understand the target company background, structure, ownership, business lines, financials. At this stage he gets insight into the reputation of the company and its shareholders.
- Target Contact and Preliminary Negotiations: he approaches target companies, with an acquiring party in his mind, to establish contact with the company, develop a relationship with its CEO, visit the company and begin preliminary negotiations in order to understand the terms under which the owners are prepared to sell their equity, in whole or in part.
- Board and Management Background Search: he determines the interrelations and investigates their ability to adapt to the requirements of Western investors who will bring new technologies and corporate culture.
- Legal Framework: he prepares the legal framework for foreign investors to understand these regulations and policiesas they guide an acquisition approach.
- Search Confidentiality and Limited Budget: data collected on the potential target allows the investors to determine if they should devote their resources with those potential targets. Target companys management will never know the investors name if he decides to withdraw at this stage. Investors expenses in time, money and effort to maintain the search confidential are negligent compared to the scenario where they do all the above themselves.
- Preparation of Buyers Visit and Meeting with Target Management: he coordinates the time of visit with the buyer and the company CEO, briefs the buyer before the meeting and interprets at the meeting. Nobody is aware of the negotiations outside the target company and the investors.
- Focus on Potential Transaction: he supports, if necessary, Buyers effort in due diligence, deal structure, deal transaction and post deal management.

- Initial Target Search, Target Investigation, Target Contact and Preliminary Negotiations, Board and Management Background Search, Legal Framework, Preparation of Buyers Visit: EUR 1,000- 2,000;
- UKR>ENG, RUS>ENG translation of accounts and other docs unavailable in English: EUR 0.12 per source word;
- Meeting with target company CEO and/or owners in Moscow: EUR 250/day;
- Meeting with target company CEO and/or owners outside Moscow, incl all travel expenses: EUR 500/day.

Anatoly POLYAKOV is based in Moscow and can be contacted at anatoly(at)arbitratus(dot)ru or on +7-916-126-91-82 with specific questions related to target search inRussia.He is a private, unincorporated investment consultant who has acquired his expertise through five years of practical experience, not a chartered holder of CFA but strictly adhering to the Code of Ethics. Since 1989 Anatoly POLYAKOV holds a PhD in History of Diplomacy and International Relations from the Institute of USA and Canada Studies of the USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1978 The Secretary-General of the United Nations awarded him the United Nations Medal for his service as a Military Member of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization in Palestine.

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